The industrial estates in Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani provinces are in danger, as flood water started overflowing in multiple low-lying areas in the Central Plains. The state authorities in Thailand are looking to protect industrial estates in these two affected provinces.


The upper part of the central, lower northeastern and eastern regions are currently dealing with heavy rainfall, which in turn resulted in flash floods in multiple provinces in the country. This significantly affected farmland, as well as businesses in urban areas. The Ayutthaya province has been seriously affected by flood water, which reached the province through the Chao Phraya and Pasak rivers and also flowed into the Kamang and Hantra canals.

The canals in tambon Hantra and tambon Phai Ling sub-districts are overflowing as well. The stream gate at the mouth of the Khao Mao canal needed to be closed by the Royal Irrigation Department. There are concerns that if the water gets through the gate, then there are possibilities that it will at some point reach the commercial areas of the Ayutthaya soon.

The Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand confirmed that it will raise the discharge rate of the Chao Phraya dam in Chai Nat province, in order to moderate the water run-off from the north.

Photo Credits: Urban Christian News