US tech giant Apple recently unveiled the gold edition of its iPhone 5s, after which South Korean giant Samsung decided to follow in its footsteps and reveal its own take on gold smartphones. Samsung announced that it will soon introduce two gold models of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S4.


The Twitter account of Samsung Saudi Arabia and the Facebook page of Samsung Gulf showed pictures of the two models, out of which one was Gold Brown and the other was Gold Pink. The posting of such pictures on the company’s official social media accounts suggests that Samsung will soon be releasing the latest models in the Middle East first and then roll them out in other world markets.

The recent move by Samsung comes just a week after Apple announced the launch of gold phones, which became a hot item in the supplies and are already sold out in China, the US, Hong Kong and other major markets. Recent reports also stated that the small number of Gold iPhones resulted in people selling these versions for more than $1,000 on eBay, which is much higher than the standard retail price of $649.

At the moment, the Galaxy S4 is available in three color options: black, white and blue.

Photo Credits; India Times