The Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes’ low-cost airline AirAsia will soon begin its services in India. The low-cost carrier has managed to receive clearance from the civil aviation ministry of India.

air Asia

AirAsia India is a joint venture between AirAsia, a New Delhi-based businessman and India’s Tata Group. On September 26, 2013, the Indian aviation authorities have confirmed that they do not have any objection regarding the airline’s setup in the country and AirAsia India finally received its operating license.

A while back, Tata Group announced that it is planning to set up a full-fledged carrier in partnership with Singapore Airlines, which is Air India’s direct competitor. The recent move by Tata Group took the aviation ministry by surprise, however, so far, Fernandes did not make any official announcement in public about the Tata Group’s proposal for a venture with Singapore Airlines.

Tata Group stated that the Malaysian entrepreneurs knew about the talks and did not have any objections, as the two carriers will be complementary and will not be direct rivals. Fernandes on Twitter said that he was excited that New Delhi had given his proposed Indian subsidiary an approval and called the new carrier very exciting and hugely profitable.

Photo Credits: Rediff