Asia Bizz: Former Bolivian President Juan Pereda Arrested, Sent To Drug Rehab

Juan Pereda, a former air force General from Bolivia and ex-President, was arrested for reportedly exposing his body to children, and he has now been admitted into a drug rehabilitation center, according to a Bolivian news agency.

Juan Pereda

Reports state that the former Bolivian dictator, who who is known to have ruled Bolivia in 1978 for around 4 months, was taken into custody on Tuesday after being detained by a man and a group of children for exposing himself to the kids and then trying to get a girl to come into his car.

The Bolivian authorities said that they found two cigarette boxes full of cocaine, in his possession. Pereda was later administered a series of tests which include a urine test, and the results for the urine test to determine if he was under drugs turned out to be positive.

When interviewed, he however denied that he tried to do anything to the girl. The police said that the drugs found were for his personal use.


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