Search engine giant Google is celebrating its 15th birthday on September 27, 2013 and it has a brand new doodle for the special occasion. This time, the doodle on the company’s home page is a pinata, which is filled with candies. The doodle is actually a mini video game, which allows users to hit the pinata with a stick.


Google is obviously a fan of pinatas, as this is not the first time that the company uses it to celebrate one of its birthdays, though the previous pinata for the ninth birthday was static. This time, the new pinata on Google’s home page moves and users can hit the pinata with the help of their space bar or their mouse and it speeds up as you strike it.

Users are given ten seconds to knock as many candies as possible and can play as many times as they like in order to achieve best personal record. Google was founded in 1998 as a privately-held company. The company’s headquarters are located in California and are nicknamed Google Plex.

Since its inception, the search engine witnessed rapid growth and also created a number of products beyond the core search engine. The company now offers products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ and instant messaging.

Photo Credits: NDTV