Asia Bizz: Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Suicide Bomb Attack On Iraqi Army Recruitment Centre In Baghdad

A recent suicide attack on the security forces in an army recruitment centre in Baghdad, that claimed lives of 57 police officials, is said to have been the master mind of the Al-Qaeda. An Iraqi associate of the Al Qaeda has come forward to take responsibility of the attack.

Iraqi Security Force

Reports say that the attack was consciously done on the group of young men who hoped to join the Iraqi Security Force. The men were waiting to submit their job applications.

The information was posted on a website that is many a times used by the Al Qaeda in Iraq. It stated, “One of the heroes of the State of Islam … armed with a suicide vest, targeted a gathering of disbelieving cattle and other apostates who sold their religion for little money …, Our brother triggered and exploded his vest after plunging himself into the crowd.”

The attacks on the Iraqi army started taking place after the US’s declaration of withdrawing its troop of as many as 50,000 army men from Iraq and complete troops by 2012.


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