Some of the top Chinese leaders have appealed for the improvement of working and living conditions in rural areas of the country. The leaders in China gave an example of the eastern province of Zhejiang, where the conditions have improved significantly in the last ten years.

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Looking at the success achieved in the rural environment in Zhejiang, the Chinese president Xi Jinping has asked for the province's experience to be shared all over the country. In 2003, a project was launched in Zhejiang, which is located on the eastern coast of China.

The project had a goal to renovate houses and living facilities in the countryside, enrich the rural ecological and human environment, as well as to improve rural design and planning. Moreover, Xi stated that governments in other areas must take measures to cater to their own circumstances, instead of simply following Zhejiang's method. The local authorities were also requested by premier Li Keqiang to show respect to farmers and their wishes.

The premier also requested to maintain traditional culture while devising measures or policies. Li went on to say that there are hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens who wish to have better living conditions.

Photo Credits: Chinasmack