The global market is dealing with a sluggish economy in recent times and due to this situation, an increased number of Chinese students are returning to their home country after they complete their studies abroad. This latest trend is most likely going to continue in the upcoming years.

chinese students

This latest information was mentioned in a report on the situation in 2013, which was conducted by the Chinese international education service provider EIC. The report stated that 22 percent of Chinese students who returned home from abroad thought that they would have better opportunities to find jobs in China.

The survey was conducted recently and interviewed over 9,000 people by questionnaire during the course of five months and more than 5,800 students have been overseas students. Liu Yuan, the general manager of EIC’s Shanghai branch said, “China's high-speed economic growth in past years has motivated overseas students to comeback and to look for job opportunities”. Yuan went on to say that it also demonstrates the difficulty which the Chinese students face in an attempt to find jobs abroad.

More than half of the students from China said that the unstable economic situation was the biggest obstacle in finding a job overseas. This forced students to find a job in their home country, instead of struggling overseas.

Photo Credits: Study Abroad