Asia Bizz: Pakistan Accepts $5 Million Flood Aid Donation From India – US Praises India’s Gesture

The Government of Pakistan, has reportedly given a green signal for accepting aid for their flood victims from the neighboring country India. The aid money totals to around $ 5 million and the US has praised India for it’s warm gesture in Pakistan’s time of need.

Floods In Pak
Photo Credit: Favila/AP

Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, called it as a “very welcome initiative”. Gestures like these can build a good relationship between the two nations who have been facing many adversities.

But one of the major religious groups in Pakistan does not seem to be in too much favor of this though. Jamaat – e – Islami’s General Secretary, Liaqat Baloch said, “Pakistan has many disputes with India, with reference to Kashmir, and the Indian Army engaging in brutality in occupied Kashmir. In the past, when Pakistan tried to support India after their natural disasters, India never accepted. Therefore it would be better if [our government] refused the aid with a big thank you.”

The recent floods in Pakistan has killed thousands of people and left millions homeless and without basic necessities.


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