Popular online travel website TripAdvisor has revealed TripConnect, which is the company's latest self-service platform. The new platform is intended for the hospitality sector and owners of hotels and Bed & Breakfast places will be required to set a bid that matches their budget.


With the help of the new service, Business Listings subscribers will be able to bid for a favourable position in the Hotel Price Comparison rankings. This will be enabled by selecting the amount per click that they want to pay. TripAdvisor is stating that the latest service has been designed with, as well as tested by people working in the hospitality industry. TripConnect is an addition to the recent launch of Hotel Price Comparison, which allows visitors to TripAdvisor sites to find out real-time room rates and availability from different booking partners simultaneously.

The visitors can also click on the chosen search results link and make a reservation. The new service is a cost-per-click solution, which means that hoteliers who are participating pay when a traveller clicks through to their website only.

This system is most likely going to increase the number of 'clicks-throughs' to the property, which will result in increased bookings.

Photo Credits: Skift