A border defense cooperation agreement has been signed between India and China on October 23, 2013. The latest agreement between the two countries includes measures to promote regional economic integrity. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Premier of China Li Keqiang have signed the border agreement in Beijing.


During a press conference later on, Keqiang said that the two nations have more interests than disagreements in common. Li added that India and China also have the ability to handle border disputes. While talking about the agreement, Singh said it “will add to the existing instruments to ensure peace, stability and predictability on our borders”.

The president of the China Institute of International Studies Qu Xing said that the agreement is a major document which will help in regulating the behavior of both countries and will also help in removing any misunderstandings or misjudgments between China and India. Qu went on to say that the two countries have successfully handled border disputes and dealt with the recent ups and downs in the right manner.

The fourth round of a consultation and coordination meeting between India and China was held at the end of September 2013. President Xi Jinping, while meeting the Indian Prime Minister, said that they have to further manage disputes so that the relationship between the two countries can correspond to their revitalization process.

Photo Credits: VOA News