US-based internet corporation Yahoo has acquired LookFlow – which is an image recognition and machine learning startup – for an undisclosed amount. A team of five engineers will be joining the Flickr group at Yahoo Inc. and the new technology will be used for the future versions of Flickr.


LinkedIn profile of the company states that the new technology is a powerful way to collect, explore and share all kinds of things that people are interested in. The message on the company's profile says, “Our approach marries state-of-the-art A.I. technology with cutting-edge interface design to deliver a revolution in online search and discovery.”

Representatives familiar with the latest deal said that the startup will be working with Flickr on deep learning projects. Deep learning is a discipline – sub-niche of machine learning – that learns complex systems such as neural networks by using complicated algorithm sets. In recent times, Yahoo/Flickr acquired another recognition startup, known as the IQ Engines.

The service helps to find objects, text and people within photos. Only time will tell what Flickr will be able to do with the new technology. The team has been facing problems of image recognition for a long time and it will be interesting to find out if all the intellectual capital results in a remarkable breakthrough.

Photo Credits: TEchspot