Asia Bizz: Australian Elections Have Become Too Close Between Contenders

Australia’s current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has come under strong competition as the elections have become too close between the contenders. Mrs. Gillard has stated that the results will be due in a few weeks now and she feels that the she has already booked a berth in the next administration in Australia.


On the other hand, the opposition leader, Tony Abbot has said that Mrs. Gillard has lost her race and that she has also lost most of the majority. Reports have come in stating that Australia, for the first time since 1940, may enter into a Hung Parliament, and that both the parties will not be able to achieve the 76 seats for the victory.

ABC in Australia has kept forth its own prediction stating that Abbot’s Coalition will have 73 seats, Gillard’s Labor will have 72 and 1 seat for the Greens and four for the Independents. Mrs. Gillard spoke the words of US’s ex-President Bill Clinton, saying “the people have spoken but it’s going to take some time to determine exactly what they have said”.


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