Auto giant Volkswagen has launched the first 1-liter vehicle in the world – XL 1 hybrid car – for the Beijing market. The company claims that it is the world’s most fuel efficient car which uses just 0.9 liter of fuel while travelling 100 km.


One might wonder how can a vehicle consume just 1 liter of fuel for covering 100 km. In order to achieve this, the company has followed three main ideas, one being producing light cars, aerodynamic and that feature a low center of gravity. The vehicle weighs 1,753 pounds by using carbon fiber polymers, ceramics and aluminium in many of its parts.

The XL 1 hybrid vehicle has an aerodynamic look with back wheels which are covered, mirrors on the doors are digital cameras and the body of the car is tapered. The company has provided operators with different options and the car can be driven as all-gasoline, all-electric or as a hybrid.

The Volkswagen Group China held an 'experience day for new energy cars', during which the plug- in diesel hybrid car was shown to the media and visitors. However, the company also said that it will be only producing 250 units of the vehicle for sale across the globe.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia