The latest warning has been issued to China by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, due to an increased number of activities near the islets controlled by Japan. Abe warned that Japan would increase surveillance and intelligence activities in order to protect remote islands.

Shinzo abe

During his speech to the Ground Self-Defense Force troops during an inspection ceremony which was held at Camp Asaka, Abe said, “We will demonstrate our intention not to allow a change in the status quo. We must conduct surveillance and intelligence activities for that purpose”.

Meanwhile, China has increased its maritime activities close to the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, which are a group of inhabited islets known as Diaoyu in China and as Tiaoyutai in Taiwan. Tokyo bought three of them in September 2012 from a private owner. Abe attended the ceremony which also had 4,000 GSDF personnel, during which a US amphibious assault vehicle was presented for the very first time.

The four vehicles were covered by the budget for the financial year 2013. The Defense Ministry of Japan is also thinking of purchasing two additional vehicles with command functions in the financial year 2014 and more in financial year 2015. The country is buying such vehicles mainly for the purpose of defending the islands. Abe in an interview said that China is attempting to change its status by force, instead of rule of law.

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