Social networking site Google+ has on October 29, 2013 introduced new features called ‘auto-amazing’, which are tools for photo and video editing that help in telling stories of artful life. The latest introduction by the company will challenge one of its biggest competitors, the social networking giant Facebook.


Vic Gundotra, the company’s senior vice president said, “Google aims to revolutionize photography”. The social network also introduced a number of new social networking features at the event which was held at an art gallery in San Francisco. Photo and video sharing are one of the main uses of social networks and Gundotra said that users of Google+ upload about 1.5 billion images on a weekly basis.

The company is also planning to improve the popularity of its social networking site by adding photo and video editing tools which automatically will offer users professional quality images, as well as custom-made movies. The company also added tools for automatically editing images, as well as creating mini-animated sequences of images.

Moreover, the search engine improved image search capabilities by increasing the number of terms which can be used in order to find particular pictures. When it comes to video tools, they can automatically analyze video clips and images and then insert them into movies with synced music and sound tracks.

Photo Credits: SB Nation