Asia Bizz: Pakistan Puts Politics Aside After Death Toll In Floods Crosses 1500

The disastrous floods that took place in Pakistan has claimed the lives of almost 1,500 people, according to the information provided by the concerned authority. The floods continued to disrupt human life for almost three weeks.

(AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)

Reports state that Pakistani authorities also warned that the death toll is likely to be on the rise for a few more days to go, because of diseases that are being reported due to the unhygienic conditions prevailing as a result of the floods.

Dr Guido Sabatinelli of the World Health Organization said, “The depth of suffering is incalculable as risks escalate of diarrhea, acute respiratory infection, malaria and other communicable diseases. It is crucial that all humanitarian health providers, local and national, coordinate their relief efforts closely to save lives, reduce suffering and deliver the most effective response.”

The floods have made 40,000 lakh people lose their homes. Health facilities nearing 200 have been damaged, which has reduced the health care needed for the flood victims terribly.

Despite the deep rooted rivalry, Pakistan has accepted flood aid from it’s rival India in the interest of the lives of the people in Pakistan.


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