Industry data stated that mobile games made in Korea are taking a major share of the global mobile applications market. The research firm Newzoo, which is based in Amsterdam said that ten mobile games which belong to five companies from Korea were placed in the top 20 list of Google Play, starting from September 2013.

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Companies including Devsisters, Line Corp., Sundaytoz, CJ E&M and Wemade were the top five Korean companies. Meanwhile, games from Northern Europe like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Minecraft had high rankings in the iOS market. Choi Yun-mi, the Seoul-based Shinyoung Securities analyst said, “The nation’s mobile games are bringing in substantial revenue from the Asian markets, although in the Western countries, they are not yet a big hit”.

In addition, experts say that there is a potential to go global. Kim Sung-kon, the director of Korea Internet and Digital Entertainment Association said that mobile games – unlike online ones – are less prone to cultural barriers due to their simplicity.

The director also said that foreign investors are becoming increasingly interested in the game industry of Korea. Kim went on to say that a record number of foreign investors are expected to participate in 2013’s GStar Game exhibition, for the purpose of investment, joint development and publishing.

Photo Credits: Gawker Assets