At a time when sex education is still a taboo, a cartoon series which answers the question ‘where do I come from?’ has become an instant hit in China. The cartoon series has a goal to break Chinese taboo of teaching children about the birds and the bees.

sex education

It is a three-part series and each lasts one minute. The series is using humor to describe where the babies come from, in addition to explaining why boys and girls are different and also how to prevent sexual assaults, which are the topics many parents avoid talking about. The cartoon about sex education has been created by Nutcracker Studios and tells children “they were not picked up at a garbage dump,” which is a typical funny reply given by many parents in China.

The narrator in the series explains that the babies are conceived through a combination of sperm and eggs and compares the process with an injection. The cartoon can be viewed on various websites and many internet users have appreciated the video and said that it is a very different way to educate children about sex.

However, some internet users have pointed out that children might find it difficult to understand the video. The topic has managed to attract attention following a number of molestation scandals against children.

Photo Credits: Images China


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