Asia Bizz: PlayStation Network Down Today – PSN To Release Castle Crashers On August 31 For PS3

The PlayStation Network will release Castle Crashers on the PS3 in North America on August 31, 2010- much to the delight of the Play Station video game lovers. But the biggest point of concern today, is that PSN happens to be down due to maintenance, with nothing mentioned when it is set to be back up.

Playstation Network

Besides the latest news of PSN’s downtime, the other thing that is making news is Castle Crashers coming on PSN. Reports say that PSN’s Castle Crashers has been the in the production phase for over a year and a half, and it was initially released on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.

So what’s the price of Castle Crashers? It comes at the rate of $15. Castle Crashers is a creation of the same developers of “The Behemoth”, so it’s surely going to be a delight.

PlayStation Network, or PSN as it is commonly known as, is an online multiplayer gaming a service by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is used with the PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.


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