While the global tablet market is still ruled by US giant Apple Co., South Korean giant Samsung is aiming to beat Apple when it comes to the tablet market share. After surpassing Apple in the smartphone market, Samsung now wants the same in tablet computers.


Shin Jong-kyun, one of the top executives said that the tablet business of the South Korean giant is growing rapidly and it is expected that Samsung will become the biggest manufacturer of tablet computers in the near future. However, the executive did not provide any time frame for this.

Shin informed that the tablet sales of Samsung will go over 40 million units in 2013, which is more than double the amount of sales in 2012. The executive said, “Samsung tablet shipments started to grow remarkably since the second half of last year”. In 2012, analysts estimated that Samsung managed to sell 16.6 million tablets and lagged behind the US giant,which sold 65.7 million iPads.

Earlier, Apple dominated the tablet market with a huge market share, but then its dominance was reduced significantly as Samsung introduced cheaper Galaxy tablets which offer different screen sizes. Lee Sang-hoon, the Chief Financial Officer at Samsung said that the company plans to increase its dividend in 2013 to equal 1% of the average price of the common shares.

Photo Credits: tablets planet


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