The second-largest car manufacturer in Japan, Nissan is looking to gain its share in the electric car market. The company said that it is all set to unveil a sporty concept electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Since late 2010, the company has been selling its Leaf electric car and it said that its BladeGlider will help in reaching a market of male drivers who are looking for both performance and styling, in addition to environmentally friendly car, which is a huge obstacle to widespread commercial sales.

The new car from Nissan is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo exhibition by the end of November 2013. The latest electric vehicle will have an aerodynamic design, which widens from the front to the back and features space for a driver in the middle, while two passengers are in the back. Nissan said, “The driver’s seat has been positioned in the middle of the vehicle to give a sense of a pilot in an airborne glider”.

The concept vehicle is made in order to enter the electric market. On the other hand, Toyota said that it is planning to unveil its fuel-cell concept car at the Japanese show which runs from November 20, 2013 to December 1, 2013. The vehicle is expected to be commercially unveiled in two years.

Photo Credits: NKN