The government of Japan is planning to come up with guidelines in order to handle dishonest menus and food labels which have been used by many hotels, department stores and restaurants across the country. A meeting on November 11, 2013 was conducted by officials from relevant agencies.

dishonest menus

During the meeting, the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga appealed for effective measures which would lead to ensuring suitable representations of dishes and food products at different locations. Guidelines will be set by the government under the law against unjustified premiums, as well as misleading representations.

Suga also asked agencies to make sure that inappropriate representations are rectified as soon as they are discovered. The Chief Cabinet Secretary warned that the issue of dishonest labeling can even affect the trust of consumers in the products and that the government needs to take appropriate steps in order to avoid this.

The Consumer Affairs Minister Masako Mori assured that the government will make sure to stop the false labeling issue from spreading any further. Mori called for quick measures which would restore consumer confidence. Also present during the meeting were the official from health and agriculture ministries and the Fair Trade Commission.

Photo Credits: Cloud Front


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