Asia Bizz: Latest XBox Game Halo: Reach Leaked On The Internet

The latest in the game universe, the Halo: Reach is about to take a stand but it seems that everyone has some knowledge about this game as it has been reported to have been leaked on XBox live. It was reported that Microsoft had hidden a copy of Halo: Reach in the Industry reviews of the Xbox live marketplace.


But then it was upto the hackers around the world as they unlocked the game and leaked it. The game costs around $1200 in the marketplace, but the hackers downloaded the game code. After this, they reportedly overcame the restrictions on the game codes and made simplified to be played on some modified game consoles.

Microsoft has stated that it will be personally looking in to the matter, as this has become a loop hole for the company. But this not very new to Halo, as Halo 2 was leaked around four weeks before it was launched in 2004.


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