Chile Miners Alive – The Chilean authorities claim that they will require four more months to rescue the miners trapped in a mine since August 5.There are total of 33 miners trapped and are helpless in the almost 2,300 feet deep mine.

Chile-MinersChilean President Sebastian Pinera holds out the handwritten note from the trapped Chilean miners. (Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Reports say that the incident took place at the San Jose gold and copper mine, which is located near the city of Copiapo.
The team of rescuers could form a contact with the trapped fellows after 17 days the main access tunnel collapsed.

Andres Sougarret, the Chief Engineer who is in charge of this rescue operation said, “A larger and more powerful drill would be needed to dig the hole. Rescuers are now preparing to drill a wider hole through which they can bring the miners to the surface. A shaft 66cm (26 inches) in diameter will take at least 120 days.”

Meanwhile, Chilean authorities will be sending plastic tubes through the already existing borehole, with food and other things required for survival, as well as cameras and microphones to be in touch with the outer world.

Although it is good news that the miners are still alive, Chilean authorities say it will take around 4 months to get the miners out of the mine.


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