Asia Bizz: Stem Cell Research Under Obama Administration Stopped By US Court

The Federal Court on Monday stopped the stem cell research that was carried out under the Obama Administration, as a former MIT Scientist has brought in an objection on Embryonic Stem Cell research. Under the judgement of Judge Royce C. Lamberth, has presented a 15 page decision stating that the federal fundings provided by for the research is actually destroying embryos during research.

As per Kevin Casey, Harvard’s associate vice President stated that the immediate implications of injunctions were not clear on Monday. Harvard has been receiving federal grants for research and now it is not sure after the judgement, whether it will affect the fundings.

Mr. Casey stated that it is very disappointing that the research has been halted and progress in stem cell research will slow down. But he was sure enough that the court will validate the funding on the research provided by the federal government. Stem Cell research had taken a good pace in the US, but the fundings and embryonic stem cell research has brought in some controversies for the moment.



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