The quality watchdog of China on November 18, 2013 said that it is thinking of introducing a consumer goods safety law in order to better protect consumer rights in the country. By the end of 2015, the draft law is scheduled to be submitted to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council for examination.

consumer goods

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said that the law will be incorporated in the State Council’s legislative work. The consumer safety law is needed in order to improve the institutional supervision of consumer rights and interests in the country. Mei Kebao, the deputy head of the AQSIQ said that the consumer goods safety law must be linked with the product quality law, as well as the food safety law.

This must be done while taking into consideration the condition of enterprises in China and the country’s economic and social development. It was suggested by a member of the leading group for the consumer goods safety law legislation, Tang Wanjin, that the law must be able to highlight the liability of Chinese companies and governments.

Wanjin went on to say that the law must also be able to clearly state fines and punishments and provide supervision methods which will help in improving the efficiency of the consumer goods safety monitoring network.

Photo Credits: WP Media