Mobile phone manufacturer HTC has just launched a brand new phone with a fingerprint scanner for the Indian market. The new HTC One Max features a fingerprint scanner, which can be used for more than simply unlocking the phone.


The company said that the technology used for HTC is different than the one on Apple’s iPhone 5S. Users will be given the ability to assign various applications to different fingers. For example, the scanner on the phone can be configured to open the camera app, which can be done when users use their left index finger, in addition to a browser with the right thumb.

The new One Max is the biggest and the most expensive of the company’s One series and will be priced at Rs. 56,490 for the Indian market. Some of the features of the phone include a 5.9-inch screen and it weighs 217 grams. The device will be available in two versions, the 16 GB and 32 GB and the company is yet to announce the pricing of the 32 GB version.

The latest device from HTC features Android 4.3 operating system, as well as HTC’s customized Sense user interface. With the new technology, users will be enabled to pin RSS feeds to the BlinkFeed, which can show news and social network feeds on the phone’s homescreen.

Photo Credits: Wideupdates


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