Asia Bizz: Google Tests Its Latest Instant Search Feature ForThe Internet

All netizens around the world are gossiping about Google’s latest feature in search engine technology. The ‘Instant Search’ feature by Google is a feature in which the user is typing a search subject and the results keep popping, and it keeps changing as the user keeps tying the search subject. One of the Google spokesperson stated that there is no confirmation of such a test but he cant deny it also.

One of Google’s close source has stated that Google is testing the feature on limited basis, but there is no confirmation that whether the Google experiment will become real for the public. But there are some experts who have stated that, if Google comes up with a feature like this it will be needing to handle a lot of search data load, plus it already handles nearly a billion searches in a day. There will be a lot of pressure on Google’s computing system.

But then Google has a giant infrastructure and it will surely come up with a solution to solve this problem. Google may witness some initial stress but there will be a long term profitability in usage of the feature. If this feature of Google turns out to be a success, then the other search engines will have really hard time to keep up with Google’s technology.

Source: Reuters


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