South Korean giants Samsung and LG are all set to reveal their remote-controlled flexible OLED TVs at the International Consumer Electronics in January 2014. The new remote-controlled flexible OLED TVs are thought to be the next big thing in the industry. The International Consumer Electronics is scheduled to be held from January 7, 2014 to January 10, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


For a long time, this annual exhibition has been the place where companies showcase their latest products for prospective consumers. The exhibition mainly focuses on new technologies. Samsung and LG attracted customers in 2012 with their 55-inch curved OLED TVs.

The two companies are gearing up to attract potential buyers in 2014 by unveiling their flexible OLED TVs. An industry official familiar with the issue said, “Samsung will unveil a prototype of the flexible OLED TV at next month’s ICES”. The official went on to say that the new product represents advancements of TV technology and displays the company’s commitment to stand strong in the competition.

In May 2013, the United States Patent Office granted a new patent for a flexible OLED TV to Samsung. The flexible devices include customized software which is able to adjust the content and image.

Photo Credits: Reg Media