Japanese students who are all set to graduate in 2015 have already started their job hunt on December 1, 2013, as this is the period when companies start their recruitment activities.


The job information service companies in Tokyo held seminars for students which will help them to get explanations on business activities from companies which are interesting to them. These companies will begin interviews with students, as well as other activities from April 1, 2014 and will hire new graduates during the process.

Within one month, companies will also give informal work contracts to new graduates. An increased number of companies are eager to expand new hirings amid the country’s economic recovery which reflects the yen’s depreciation, in addition to higher stock prices. A seminar was hosted on December 1, 2013 by the job information company Gakujo Co. in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

About 60 firms – including trading houses and financial institutions – talked about their business operations to more than 20,000 students who attended the seminar. One of the students explained that while she is interested in jobs in the entertainment industry, she also wants to hear explanations from companies in various industries. Meanwhile, companies are looking to hire some very capable employees. For this reason, companies are conducting an increased number of seminars in order to recruit good students.

Photo Credits: Seijaku