Security forces in Sri Lanka have been accused of murdering 17 aid workers back in 2006. These accusations were made by a French charity, which demanded an international inquiry in the case. Meanwhile, the Action Against Hunger (ACF) stated that it has been waiting for the outcome of the country’s own inquiries, but that they subsequently turned into a farce.

A member of the French aid group ACF places a wreath in front of the photographs of his slain colleagues at their memorial in Batticaloa

The aid workers were found dead in their office in the town of Muttur. However, a spokesperson for the Sri Lankan military dismissed these allegations and suggested that the charity had withheld evidence related to this case. The ACF said that every worker had been lined up and was forced to kneel and that each one of them was shot in the head.

The workers were murdered as security forces took control of Muttur, while they were fighting against the Tamil Tiger rebels. In addition to this, other allegations of war crimes managed to overshadow  a Commonwealth summit which was held in Sri Lanka in December 2013.

Earlier, human rights activists made accusations against Sri Lanka’s security forces of the killings, but ACF stated that it had held off, awaiting the official version of these events. The report made by ACF said that all alleged victims were Tamils and they are listed by name, with photographs.

Photo Credits: HRW


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