American singer and songwriter Katy Perry has been appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. With the latest announcement, the ‘Roar’ singer has joined the list of other famous ambassadors of UNICEF, which include British footballer David Beckham and Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.


Anthony Lake, the executive director of UNICEF said, “Katy Perry is already a champion for children, and we look forward to hearing her ‘Roar’ on behalf of UNICEF”. He went on to say that the new Goodwill Ambassador will be lending her voice to amplify the voices of children and young people around the world.

Perry, who was visibly excited about this honor, said, “I believe young people have the power to change their own lives, with our help.” The ‘Firework’ singer said that she is honored to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador and is committed to doing everything in her power to help children and adolescents who come from different backgrounds, but want a brighter future for themselves.

The 29-year-old singer has joined the list of celebrities – including Jackie Chan, Orlando Bloom, Mia Farrow, Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Sarandon and footballer Leo Messi – who are already Goodwill Ambassadors of UNICEF. In her new role, Perry will be focusing on children and adolescents who are most vulnerable, including those who live in severe poverty.

Photo Credits: StraitsTimes


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