Asia Bizz: Microsoft Will Be Providing Search Engine Technology To Yahoo Search For North America

US Software giant, Microsoft will be providing search engine technology to Yahoo for the North America region. Yahoo had a good time last week as it had witnessed a good growth in the market, as where the search giant, Google, had a considerable drop in its market share. But whatever it is both Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo combined together are not able to make up the market share of what Google has.


But now Yahoo and Microsoft have come together in a 10 year agreement to out beat the Google market, by sharing technology with each other. Yahoo’s search engine will be powered by Microsoft’s Bing engine technology. This team up is a step to increase its market share in the US and Canadian nation.

For Yahoo this collaboration is a good sign, as Yahoo will be cutting down most of its expenses after it will be using Bing’s technology, as this will create some financial space for Yahoo to concentrate on other products.


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