Search engine giant Google is making additional efforts to move into Internet ‘cloud’, in its attempt to take on rivals such as Microsoft and Amazon in competition for business customers. Google explained that the cloud platform’s main compute engine was ‘generally available’, after going through a testing phase.


The search engine also said that it has decreased prices by 10 percent and lowered storage prices by at least 60%. Ari Balogh from Google in a blog post said, “We’re looking forward to this next step for Google Cloud Platform as we continue to help developers and businesses everywhere benefit from Google’s technical and operational expertise”. Cloud computing is considered to be one of the fastest-growing services in the technical sector. The technology allows companies to store data, as well as to offer services from a cloud provider, without the need to install their own servers and maintain them.

One of the customers of Google cloud includes Snapchat, which is the fastest-growing social network that is dealing with millions of messages on a daily basis. Another customer also includes Rovio, which is the creator of Angry Birds.

Romin Irani, a blogger at Programmable Web explained that the company is positioning itself to be one of the major players to help mobile developers get off the block quickly.

Photo Credits: RawStory