Asia Bizz: Apple Media Event A Special Event By Apple On September 7 – Apple’s Back to School Promotion Ends the Same Day

Bloomberg says that Apple is ready for their special event on the 7th of September where Apple will unveil new iPods along with the new Apple TV. The news Apple TV is said to be renamed to  iTV soon and the Apple TV or the iTv Price will be a mere $99 affordable to many.


The features of the product are many and it also comes with a smaller hard drive, the use of this is mainly to screen iTunes content.

Apple is also striving hard to talk with many news corp as well as media companies to allow renting of TV shows for just 99cents.

Apple also is ready to come out with their new iPod touch and this one will have a higher resolution display along with a 5 mega pixel camera on the rear as well as one camera on the front.

Apple’s Back to School promotion is also set to end on September 7th. So hence Apple has timed all their promotions well, All we need is confirmation from Apple itself on these reports.

Sources: Bloomberg


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