Asia Bizz: Three Strong Reasons To Avoid The Dell Aero Smartphone

American technology giant Dell came up with their new gadget on Tuesday, Aero, Dell’s first smartphone. We had hoped it will be something that will make our thoughts wander, but it failed to do so, it even looks somewhat like the Palm Pre. But after the experts had a look on it, they said that Dell’s hard work does not even put this phone in the entry level of smartphones.

Dell Smart Phone

Here are three reasons why – (1) First of all the processor in the phone is a shame to be called a smartphone. It runs on a 624 Mhz processor, where other smartphones are running on 1GHz. The screen is small, it has a 3.5 inch screen others are above 4 inches, but it has a powerful 5 mega pixel camera, but no HD recording.

(2) That was the hardware, now the software in it, it is running on a disappointing Android 1.5, where others are streaming on the latest Android 2.2. No modern user interface, Google maps and live wallpapers. And thirdly (3) Its on AT&T, iPhone users are just in a glitch to get out of their contracts with AT&T. AT&T even cancelled their unlimited data plans for the internet usage.

These are the main reasons when the user who wants to opt for smartphone would like to have in it, and the Dell Aero misses a lot of the features present in the latest smartphones. All one can say is, it was a bad move by Dell to bring up Aero.

Source: PCWorld


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