The British High Commission in Colombo made an announcement that all visa applicants to the UK will be obligated to make online payments of their visa fees in US dollars. The payment can be done through Visa, MasterCard, credit cards or e-wallet, starting from December 16, 2013.

online payment

The commission released a statement about the recent measure, which said, “As is the current practice, applications will also continue to be completed online with printed copies submitted to the Visa Application Centre in Colombo, along with biometric data. Appointments to hand in the documents will also continue to be made online”. The statement also mentioned that certain exceptions will be made for those applicants who have already finished their online form before December 16, 2013.

Applicants will be able to use other payment methods, which is currently available until January 14, 2014. From January 14, 2014, the commission will be accepting only online payments and all other methods will not be valid. Additionally, exceptions will not be made for people who apply on or after December 16, 2013.

Thomas Greig, the UK Visas and Immigration Regional Director said that the move to online applications and payments is the usual practice in the region, which will provide streamlined application process and is in accordance with a global trend to online transactions, as well as payments.

Photo Credits: Kerala IT News


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