One of the most popular papers of Southeast Asia, The Straits Times has named the leaders of Japan and China as the most prominent Asians of 2013. The president of China, Xi Jinping and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have been named as the most prominent Asians of 2013.

prominent asians

The title – which has been instituted in 2012 – recognizes a person whose work or actions have left a massive impact on the region. Even though Xi and Abe are relatively new leaders, they still managed to leave a mark on Asia. In 2012, the paper named President Thein Sein of Myanmar as the Asian of the year, for leading political reforms.

In 2013, the newspaper’s editors could not decide between Xi and Abe, who are regional rivals and have been involved in territorial dispute over the islands in the East China Sea. Finally, the editors decided to name both politicians as joint winners. Warren Fernandez, the Straits Times editor said, “In Asia currently, no two leaders have greater responsibility — to build up their economies, protect the global commons and preserve the peace that has paved the way for Asian prosperity”.

The editor explained that both leaders unveiled sweeping reform agendas in their countries, while building up international influence. China and Japan have been in the news recently for their constant dispute over the islets.

Photo Credits: Asia News


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