A severe blast in Rawalpindi, Pakistan claimed lives of three people – including a police officer – and injured 16 others. The explosion was caused by a suicide bomber outside an Imambargah on December 17, 2013.

rawalpindi blast

The police said that the blast was caused in Gracy Lines area by a young suicide bomber who made an attempt to cross the police picket in order to enter the Imambargah where a Majlis was ongoing. Imambargah is a congregation hall for the Muslim ceremonies and is also known as a Hussainia. The explosion happened about 200 feet away from the Imambargah.

The police managed to stop the bomber at the gate and asked him for a body search. According to witnesses present at the scene, when he was asked for a body search he blew himself up and ended up killing the police official, as well as two volunteers. Akhtar Lalika, the CPO Rawalpindi said, “Had the bomber managed to enter the Imambargh, It could be a big disaster as around 300 people were present there”.

A couple of other police officials also sustained injuries and were taken to a local hospital, where some of them remain in a critical condition. Investigators who are currently in the area said that they have discovered the head and other body parts of the bomber from the crime scene. After the incident, the area was immediately cordoned off and a manhunt has been started by security forces.

Photo Credits: Dawn


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