Asia Bizz: Hewlett Packard (HP) And 3Par Begin Talks On Take Over

3Par and Hewlett Packard (HP) will be talking over the $1.6 Billion bid take over. HP has presented 3Par with a stronger bid than Dell, to take over the Data Storage company. 3Par on the other hand has said that it will be sharing non-public information with HP. Dell had presented 3Par $1.15 billion for the take over.

HP sent a letter to the board of 3Par, asking them to reconsider their plans with Dell, and it looks from here that 3Par will be thinking about HP as it is up with a superior deal. HP has intended to take over 3Par as it wants to begin cloud services for the public and private sectors.
HP 3Par

The only problem with other cloud service providers are having is that the services are provided by them, but then the data storage is done somewhere else. HP wants to get over such a problem by taking over 3Par, and surely this will be reflected in their quarterly financial sheets.

Source: BusinessWeek


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