Toshiba’s has introduced its E205-S1904 Satellite laptop which costs $999. The laptop has got some good reviews for its good performance as well as the fact that it can beam videos to a big-screen TV.

toshiba satellite laptop

So is the Toshiba E205-S1904 really as good as it seems? Well, some people feel that the laptop’s royal blue, molded-plastic case doesn’t’ look grand or posh, but somewhat cheap, in comparison to the other Toshiba models. Besides, the lid tends to be a hygiene hassle thanks to all the fingerprints and smudges that keep building on it every time it is touched.

The E205 tends to also have very stiff mouse buttons.

There are some really good points as well. The laptop has some useful jacks for a headphone and microphone, as well as a USB input on the left side. To add to this, “the E205’s right side includes a slot-loading DVD player, a conventional USB port, and another USB input that accepts eSata cable, too. There’s also an HD multimedia (HDMI) output.” (BusinessWeek)

The Toshiba laptop has an Intel new Core i5 processor as well as 4 gigabytes of memory, exapndable to up to 8 GB. The battery life is the usual 3.5 hours when running video at “normal screen brightness.”


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