Asia Bizz: Important Meeting Regarding The Fate Of RIM’s BlackBerry To Take Place In India Today

BlackBerry seems to be running  into a host of controversies regarding national security issues. Most of the Middle Eastern countries had problems with BlackBerry’s services because it is operating outside the country’s circle. India on the other hand, has also shown concern on the same subject, and has decided to have a meeting on Thursday with most of the major telecom service providers in India, to decide the fate of RIM’s BlackBerry in India.


The Indian Home Ministry, security agencies and the major telecom service providers, BSNL and MTNL, will be having a meeting on Thursday, to speak about the encryption details of the BlackBerry. This is something which is big on Research in Motion’s side, because if India goes ahead with a ban, then they could lose a big chunk in the telecom market — as India is one of the fastest growing telecom industries in the world.

The Indian government will first decide whether to halt BlackBerry, or to get the encryption codes from RIM, as there is a fear of national security. Reuters reports that if there are any more issues coming up regarding the provision of authority codes, then the Indian government can ask the private operators to shut down their BlackBerry services. RIM India is the fastest growing smart phone industry in the world, and if there is a ban sanctioned then it could effect 41 million users in India.


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