Asia Bizz: Huge Controversy Blows Up Following The Game ‘Medal Of Honor’ 2010

The new game ‘Medal Of Honor’ has managed to stir up some controversy and this topic has even reached the British Secretary of Defense, Liam Fox. The game has a mode in which the player can be a Taliban Soldier in Afghanistan, and has the liberty to kill British Forces Troops in the game.


The game is latest edition in the Medal Of Honor series and is due to be released in the month of October, but has already packed in some solid controversy. The game has come up online and there are option for users to play as a part of the NATO forces or to be a Taliban Soldier.

Mr. Fox stated that game is totally against the British, and it is mocking the families who lost their husbands and fathers in the War. It will be a shame that people would prefer to buy such a game. He has asked that the retailers should ban this product as a move to support their soldiers in Afghanistan.



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