Asia Bizz: Apple’s Latest Ping Can Be A Boon For Spammers On The Web

Apple’s latest Ping, a social networking site for iTunes, may face an old problem of spamming, which in turn may be a boon to the spammers on the web. It was on the 1st of September that the world came to face to face with ‘Ping’, and it looks from here that Apple wants itself in the social networking business.


During the latest event where Apple showed off its new iPod and the Apple TV, Ping too made a sound launch during the event. Ping allows iTunes listers and users to know and suggest what the iTuners around the world are listening to, just as a social networking site.

But it has just been two days since launch and there is some fear with the Ping that it can get prone to spam commenting. In the web world, spammers have shifted or developed from the email world and have entered the world of blogs and comments, which means social networking sites. Well during the invention of the Ping it seems Apple may not have considered thinking over this topic. It is strange that the new Ping site is really unprotected from the spammers in the outside world.


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