Asia Bizz: Angela Merkel’s Government Of Germany Agrees To Extend Nuclear Power Plants Life

Angela Merkel’s Coalition Government of Germany has agreed that they will be extending the nuclear power plants life by an average 12 years. This decision has come in to lengthen the life span of the Nuclear Power Plants in Germany, which will help the country grow steadily in the energy sector.

nuclear-power-plant germany

The decision came into being after having very long talks and undergoing strong divisions over how long the 17 power plants life should continue in Germany. According to the environmental minister, Norbert Roettgen, he stated that it has been finalized that the average nuclear power plants life will be extending by 12 years.

After the decision was finalized there were huge demonstration out the German Chancellery, with protesters protesting against the new decision. But as per the ones who are opposing the decision, they are more concerned about the nuclear storage and nuclear waste dumping, which is a direct threat to the environment of Germany.


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