Asia Bizz: Microsoft’s Latest Internet Explorer 9 Browser, How Will It Stand In The Market?

Microsoft recently came up with the latest Internet Explorer 9 browser, but for the moment the question is, how is this browser going to perform in the market. It was known that the Internet Explorer dominated the browser market for years, when there were no notable competitors in the market.

It was after the Mozilla Firefox and the Google Chrome era when these browsers pounced on the IE market shares and pulled users towards them. One of the main reasons that IE was not able to stand up against the new ones, was the attractiveness and the latest features they offered. Internet Explorer has now installed these features in the Internet Explorer 9 and will now try to bring its domination back into the market.

At one time the IE had the market share in browsers, of about 90%, which means it was used by almost everyone extensively, but then after the launch of the latest Mozilla Firefox and the Google Chrome, these browsers pulled out the IE share from the market and made it come down to 60%. The strongest competitor here looks the Google Chrome, who has captured almost 7.5% in browser market in almost one year, and it is growing.


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