Asia Bizz: Iran Confirms ‘Cyber Terrorism’, Computers Infected By ‘Stuxnet’ Worm

Iran officials have confirmed that there has been a ‘Cyber Terrorism’ attack in their country and that their vital computers have been infected by the Stuxnet worm. The authorities have said that many of their industrial computer systems have been attacked by cyber terrorism and they have been infected by the ‘Stuxnet’ worm virus.

The experts have stated, the Stuxnet worm plants itself in an industrial computer system and then later activates itself. It tries to find the Siemens Industrial software which runs the machineries in an industry, and reprograms the system, and it provides the machinery equipments with dangerous commands which also include self destruction.

The Iranian Ministry has stated that some 30000 industrial computers have been infected by Stuxnet. One of the main operations done by Stuxnet is that it extracts vital information from these systems and then sends it somewhere abroad. Iran has termed this virus as a spy virus, as it is deploying vital data to other countries. On the other hand it is said, a similar attack has been reported from Iran’s latest nuclear power plant facility, but these reports have not yet been confirmed.


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