Asia Bizz: Toshiba To Launch Its Own Tablet PC’s World Wide By The Year 2011

Technology giant Toshiba is said to be launching its own line of Tablet PC’s on a world wide scaly by 2011. The company has said the launch will probably aim countries like Japan and America, and other technology prominent countries. The company officials have stated, that the market for tablet PC’s is very hot right now, and this will be a right time to come up with their product.

The announcement of the launch has come amidst the heat of Tablets available in the global market. Samsung is making its own plans to push its Galaxy Tab into the Japanese market in some time. Last month the company showcased the Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet PC at the IFA event.

Mr. Kasuya, official of Toshiba has said, that the company will be launching a line of Tablet PC’s around the world, but will not include the Folio 100, which means they have more products in store. Toshiba is the world fifth electronics manufacturing giant, and as it will be coming up with their own Tablets in the market, we sure know that they will be surprising us with something new.


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