Asia Bizz: Time Traveler Caught On Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 Film

In an earth shattering discovery, it is said that that a Time Traveler was caught in the background of a scene from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film ‘The Circus’. The news has spread like wild fire over the web, and this indeed very shocking as this has been seen clearly for the first time on video. In the particular footage, we can see a woman wearing a long coat and a hat, walking in the background, with her hand close to her face and talking to someone.

It is really strange to see, as it looked that this woman was talking to someone on a cellphone. A mind boggling discovery to see someone talking on a mobile phone in a 1928 film. This piece of footage was discovered by George Clarke, who had been doing research on the film ‘The Circus’ since a long time.

He has viewed the footage many times but is still not able to convince himself that this woman is not talking on cellphone. The whole scene depicts her talking and smiling to somebody, but there is no one around her, even the man who was ahead of her, had passed her by. Could this be a discovery into something that we have not been knowing since decades, or is it just a footage that is being hyped about too much on the web? This footage is available on YouTube and can viewed on the website, as it has already got more than 1.5 million viewers.


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